About Beautiful Ketubah

MichelleAvrum_231Jerusalem fine art prints is happy to present some of the finest and most unique Ketubahs available on the market. These Ketubahs  Jewish wedding contracts, were made by various artist, most of which printed their Ketubahs by us. Many of the Ketubahs displayed were also laser cut by us, giving them additional complexity and beauty.

Many of the Ketubahs displayed were not only printed by us at Jerusalem fine art prints, but were also specially developed by the artist with us.

To see more of what we do please visit us at: www.jerusalem-arts.com.

Unlike other Ketubah websites, we do not sell the Ketubahs but rather connect you with the artist. Some of the Ketubahs displayed can be found on other websites, but we give you the opportunity to deal directly with the artist.

Beautiful Ketubah website offers a verity of works from a verity of artists, with an amazing Online catalog browsing system. Under each Ketubah in the catalog you can find the details of the artist and contact them.

If you are an ketubah Artists that want to join the site,  And present Your Ketubot be sure to contact us.