Amaliya Nini

Amalya Nini was born in a small village in Israel, second generation to a family of Yemenite origin who had specialized in wool and leather artistry alongside rabbinical study and practice. She studied art in Israel and enriched her knowledge by taking courses in New York City and traveling around the world, thus widening her horizons and gaining a deep understanding of beauty and nature: the essence of art. Amalya’s love affair with Jewish art is probably the result of her Israeli upbringing in a close-knit rural Yemenite community, rich in Biblical tradition and folklore.

Her inspiration comes from the elaborate descriptions of ceremonial artifacts in the Bible, the beauty and mysticism associated with the House of God and it’s spiritual ramifications, and the ancient landscapes of the Holy Land where she resides. Since she began her journey into the heart of Judaica, Amalya has been featured in many art exhibitions and prestigious galleries throughout the US and Israel.

Her unique paintings have been presented as gifts to such prominent figures as King Abdullah of Jordan and Andre Azoulay (adviser to King Hasan of Morroco ) , Hillary Clinton and the pop-star Sting, amongst others. She lives and works in a small picturesque house nestled in the Jerusalem hills, in the vilage of Tzur Hadassah.

Paper Cuts Paper Cutting is an ancient art that originated in the Far East. It was adopted by EuropeanJews around the 18th Century and later spread to North Africa. My paper-cuts are a direct continuation of this wonderful tradition. Within them I have interwoven motives and symbols of Jewish culture and ceremony. The various blessings and quotations cited on these works enhance their delicate beauty and make them perfect gifts for any occasion.


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