Sylvie Berger

Sylvie Berger was born in Toulouse, in the South of France. She emigrated to Israel in 1985 and decided to live in Jerusalem, the Holy city that had nourished her imagination and dreams throughout her entire childhood.

She studied art at the Jerusalem School of Art. After her studies, she taught children during several years and continued, at the same time, to learn with other artists, in particular the art of Illumination of Hebrew manuscripts. She then started to create Judaica manuscripts on vellum and traditional papercut, using ink, watercolors and powdered gold.

Jerusalem is the core of her inspiration and her themes. Many of her works contain a reminder of the city, either in icon or in text. Stories from the bible, too, provide her with endless sources of inspiration. Her works reflect contemporary design and are based on historical ornaments derived from various cultures and periods throughout history.

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